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  • It's Easy, Affordable and Secure
  • Trusted by 1000+ institutes since 2009
  • 30+ Modules : ALL IN ONE
  • EdTech Innovative Solution

Cloud Based School and College Management Software

30+ Modules | 1000+ Schools | Mobile Apps | EdTech Innovation is the Best School ERP Cloud Software to automate school's managerial, academic and financial operations, also streamlines information management and align for better and faster decision making.

Modules & Features

Easy to Use

Schools21 is easy to learn, anyone can use with basic computer and mobile knowledge. Our excellent support expert will make it even easier.


We understand that every school has their own well defined workflow and processes. And Our software is modular and flexible to adopt your practices.

Secure and Reliable

Our software is developed using the most trusted technology and framework used by banking and finance projects. And zero cases reported since 2009

Wide Range of Features

Schools21 is an EdTech ERP software to manage overall school/college activities. Also customizable for special use cases.

Excellent Support & Training

The success of project is depends on its training and post sales support. We understand its importance and offers 24 x 7 support.

Multilingual Support

Schools21 supports many languages including many Indian regional languages(Marathi, Tamil, Telgu, Panjabi, Bangali etc).

Mobile & Tablet Access

70% users are on Mobile today. That's why Schools21 has Mobile access for user-roles Student/Parent, Faculty, Non-Tech Staff and Admin

AI-ML Innovation

Schools21 is innovating EdTech solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve student-result and teachers productivity

Best Value

Schools21 comes with Best Product, Best Service and Best Price to ensure you to create Best Value for institution. Visit price menu for inquiry

Benefits of

  • Simplified day-to-day activities
  • Ease student and fees management
  • Information centralization of your school/college
  • Quick notification to student and staff - SMS/Email/App
  • KPI and Reports for quick decision making
  • Save money by reducing efforts and time
  • Boost staff productivity
  • Data Security
  • Reduce mistakes generally happens in paper-work
  • Its Go Green, Go Digital trends
  • Don't skip any important think using Scheduler
  • Increase user engagement
  • User can see exactly what's needed
  • Enable Mobility in your school and college through Mobile and Tablet
  • Streamline workflow and process